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Laurel Casey

Providence Monthly says the legend of Laurel Casey continues...

"“Laurel says the city who once embraced has her feeling like a jilted lover. Admittedly, post-Renaissance Providence could make any musician feel that way, let alone a self-proclaimed “new vaudevillian/underground clown” specializing in “the Great American Songbook.” Those club owners who don’t know her, don’t know what they’re missing.”  Read the full review...


Laurel's recent performances in Providence...

The Providence Journal, recently did a feature article about Laurel's return to Providence, including a video on their website. Click on the picture below to read the full article.

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Visit Laurel's Literary Site:

It's Laurel Casey Time


Recent Posts

Laurel Casey: the Hurting Truth

Xaque Gruber's documentary helps explain why some critics find Laurel hard to describe.
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Tough Economy Got You Down?

Laurel makes everyone relax

(excerpted from Get Magazine, Mike Ritz, 11/08)

“Cold Weather clouds blocking your sun?  Looking for a stress reliever?  Experience Laurel Casey.”

“Laurel doesn’t just sing or put on a cabaret show, she creates a nightly experience that engages the audience on a level usually found at an AA meeting.  Speaking of which: We’re addicted to Laurel!  Come see the show that never stands still!

“Laurel’s voice is filled with emotion and beauty.  Her 1920s – 1930s depression era songs are exquisite.  Her comedic diatribes hones, bold and hilarious.  If her unpredictable behavior and passionate voice don’t have you on the edge of your seat, nothing will.”

 – Get R.I. Magazine

The Boston Globe Review

Laurel at the Sidebar

Laurel Casey revels as a provocateur.

review by the Boston Globe

Even though Casey, 49, has been performing for 25 years, nobody can come up with a good description of her act. Rope-thin in a floor-length black dress and matching gloves, she “wraps a song around the listener like a silk sheet,” as one reviewer said. Yet she’s just as likely to skewer anybody who happens to be sitting in the same zip code. Read more »


Unless you are a club owner who understands art and is willing and able to do whatever advertising and explanations needed to educate your guests. They are used to Kareoke and folk music or quiet jazz trios. This is theater in a club setting-